Viper Cache – The Best WordPress Cache Plugin 2021

If you have a website then you know your website’s speed can play a critical role in how many people you get to your site. If your website is too slow people won’t wait for your website to come up in their browser. You will also find a high bounce rate in your website analytics.

It’s No Secret That Running Slow Sites Will Cost You…

Modern websites need to be fast…

  • Slow Pages = Lost Ranking
  • Slow Pages = Less Opt-ins
  • Slow Pages = High Bounce Rates
  • Slow Pages = Lower Conversions
  • Slow Pages = Higher Ad Costs


Speed is a Traffic Killer… More Than 50% of Visitors Leave… If a Site Takes 3+ Seconds To Load + 79% of Visitors Who Have Trouble loading a Page Won’t Return

The fastest & easiest way to get more speed is by using a cache plugin. Cache creates a web-ready version of all your pages making your site perform much & massively reduces your server load. It also better equips your site to bear the burden of any sudden traffic spikes without you needing to upgrade your hosting.

But, Which is The Best Cache Plugin?

Viper Cache Was 77% Faster Than The Competition

Viper Cache is a WordPress caching plugin. It claims to be able to make your WordPress website up to 10x faster in as little as 30 seconds. According to the sales page and demo video, all you must do is click a few slider buttons and you’re off to the races.

Make Your WordPress Sites up to 10x Faster In 30 Seconds With The Cache That Beats All Competitors

Here are 3 main reasons why your website should open in less than 2 seconds:

Website Speed IS an SEO Factor

The fight for top ranking on search engines will never end. Every day, many businesses do their best so as to position their websites above the competition. For this, regular activities should be performed to optimize an internet site. And one of the vital factors of program Optimization (SEO) is improving website speed.

Faster access to information = better user experience

Active internet users are faced with many information daily. This shows that the web keeps them busy. and that we all know that no busy person wishes to wait. So once users visit an internet site, they expect to receive the knowledge needed as soon as they click on a page. Otherwise, they’re going to look elsewhere.

Mobile internet users are on the increase

Since the large wave of smartphones, more and more people are accessing the web via their mobile. In 2014, 94% of internet users within the Middle East surfed online with their mobile. This represents an enormous number for any business operating within the region.

The most reason for users connecting online via their mobile is that they’d need information on-the-go, in other terms, as quickly as possible. So making them wait leads to equivalent consequences because of the point.

Results of Using Viper Cache

The Test Was Done Using Pingdom With Default Plugin Settings

Viper Cache Reviews Viper Cache Reviews Viper Cache Reviews Viper Cache Reviews Viper Cache Reviews

Tests were carried out using Pingdom at off-peak traffic with default plugin settings. We refreshed the page after enabling the plugin & flushed the Google Chrome browser cache – “How to Test” is covered in the training video provided in our member’s area.

Faster Cache Means More Sales For You…

Today, Sites Need to Be Fast!
In WordPress the pages you create physically don’t exist, they are created by your server on demand for each visitor… Needless to assume that requires more server power, the whole process is a lot slower & this gets worse with heavy site traffic. This is not ideal if you are trying to rank your site high in Google

The cache is The Easiest Solution…
So the WordPress community fixed this with cache which in a nutshell creates a browser-ready HTML file for every visited page on your WordPress site… this saves your server having to build each page on each request = faster web pages!

5 Huge Problems with Current Cache Plugins

  • You Need a Degree To Use Cache Plugins Nowadays – 1 Wrong Click & Your Site is Broken. Most Cache Products are Overloaded With Complex Settings
  • Most Free Cache Plugins Are A Honeypot To Hackers. Exposing Your Site To An Ongoing Security Risk
  • If You Make A Tiny Change to Just 1 Page All Cached Pages are Cleared & Then Rebuilt Which Massively Adds to Your Server Workload
  • Many Cache Products Clash With Popular Themes & Plugins By Over Engineering the Cache Engine
  • Your Bandwidth Is Eaten By Fake Bots, Site Scrapers, Image Leechers Costing You More In Hosting. This Massively Increases Your Site Workload & Slows Your Site Down.

Features of viper cache plugin

  • Stupidly Simple To Use… Just Enable
  • Smart Cache Clearing & Smart Rebuilding
  • Now With Traffic Protection Technology
  • Compatible With All Major Page Builders
  • Designed For Max Speed, Bandwidth Reduction & Ease of Use

Comparison with other best cache plugins

Viper-Cache-ReviewsThis plugin is Tested Against ALL The Competitors
Viper Cache Was A Clear Winner …

Using Cache is Essential For Every WordPress Website


Studies conducted show that users doing searches on the web only have a brief span and can take only a few seconds before they press back to look when an internet page takes longer to load. And if you’re on the side of a user, getting information should be quick, and people not providing these as quickly as possible, don’t need to be read.

And if your website can’t provide speedy access to information, you do not deserve the traffic that’s to be expected. And to stay in step with this reality you would like to extend website speed and increase the loading time of your website.

And a decrease within the page size of your site can increase the load time speed. And a rise within the load time speed is important if you would like to possess a rise in site traffic.

Since users want search results to seem as quickly as possible, there’s a requirement for you to require action on this concern. Users may click to a different site if yours won’t display fast and thus get impatient.

If you’re serious about your online business you’ll need to take action in this regard. Your website could also be slow in loading but there also are ways to enhance this site’s speed like using the cache plugin

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